This is the unöfficial website of Racerecords Dutch Greyhound Tracks.

Pictures: Hans & Cees van Arkel

I “Edwin Kasteleijns” keep on this website the track records to run on the greyhound racetracks in the Netherlands.
I do this entirely voluntary and have no connection with any racetrack or dog owner.
A track record is recognized only when the time has run in competition and if there is any electronic timekeeping.
Walked a track record in a demonstration says it.



Picture: Cees van Arkel

Yes Supersonic
Dutch  Champion 2017 280 meter.

If you have please email me about a new trackrecord by clicking  contact above.
Mention can therefore at any racetrack concerns.
After I have received an official confirmation of a new recent track record of the relevant association where the record is gone, I will make the adjustment.